The Artist Acquaintances

The Artist Acquaintances

How often do you get a chance to interact on a one on one basis with Goa's more well known artists?

Carpe Diem is pleased to host "The Artist Acquaintances" - a weekly artist camp cum group art exhibition curated by Daegal Godinho and Swetlana Cardoso. Art enthusiasts, buyers and collectors will get a chance to view a work in progress as well as have a personal interaction with select Goan artists over the course of two months beginning from April '21!

Participating Artists:

  • Bhisaji Gadekar
  • Ramdas Gadekar
  • Kausalya Gadekar
  • Chaitali Morajkar\Mohan Naik
  • Viraj Naik
  • Manjunaath Naik
  • Shripad Gurav

From 6th April to 30th May 2021

A final group show - June '21

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