Oh Thats Bhanu

Oh Thats Bhanu film screening Ramani

Join us for a Film Screening and Discussion with the director of "OH THAT'S BHANU" at Carpe Diem - Majorda

Saturday 11th March 2023 - 6:30 pm

112 Minutes, English, Hindi, Malayalam (Subtitled in English)

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor: R.V. Ramani

Featuring: Bhanumathi Rao, Maya Krishna Rao, Tara Rao


*BEST FILM – Bala Kailasam Memorial Award, Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking

Bhanumati Rao (1923-2022) in her younger days, was a dancer and a theatre actor. An elegant and witty woman, who’s hearing and memory doesn’t usually stand up, has led an enigmatic, passionate, yet simple and pragmatic life. Filming with Bhanumati, with her daughters Maya Krishna Rao, a contemporary solo theatre practitioner in New Delhi and Tara Rao, a human rights campaigner in Bengaluru, the filmmaker goes on a journey of life and performance, through the spasms of memory, complexities of relationships, love and a reflection of what could constitute a beautiful mind.