Ganesha through his eyes

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The Goan Everyday
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25th Feb 2018
Ganesha through his eyes

Known for his distinctive painting style, Hesham Malik is all set to exhibit his new show 'The Ganesha Series' from March 1 to 20 at Carpe Diem Gallery - Majorda. The exhibit depicts the love of Lord Ganesha for his people.

"My first painting of Lord Ganesha was depicted with both his hands upright, one with a modakand the other giving blessing. This is perhaps one of the most common postures, and this image can be traced back to the 6th century", states Hesham.

Hesham's modern Ganesha paintings are based from his experience from different temples, time spent with religious teachers at the temples and the Poojaries. His visits to temples throughout the world such as Goa, Mumbai, Port Luis, Colombo, Mombasa and Paris gave birth to his love for Lord Ganesha.

"The murtis of Lord Ganesha were dressed and decorated differently in every temple but the extemal and internal experience always remains the same for his followers", states Hesham.

His figurative paintings and writings on Lord Ganesha quote historical sources and position the believers within the field of God's power.