Painting the complexity of the universe

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The Goan Everyday
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13th November 2018
The Other Universe

Through his prized possession, a telescope, Aadhi Vishal, has spent countless hours gazing at the skies, researching astronomical literature and studying ancient mythology. A freelance visual artist with his studio based in Goa, Aadhi's works can be called phantasmagoric with symbols, hybrid forms and stylised forms adding curious twists to the narrated story, transforming each and every work into a masterpiece. With several solo and group shows in India and abroad and art auctions, Aadhi's upcoming solo exhibition in Goa focuses on 'the other universe' something that those with a keen desire to explore the unknown and creatively comprehend our world in the larger framework of the vast expanse of the universe, will enjoy.

"Goa is a very colourful state and that is the inspiration for the works," admits Aadhi, adding, "The spectacular change of seasons from the lush green monsoons to pale dry colours of summer help me render the hues ranging from the viridian greens to the brilliant yellows. Also the colour of the ocean and the shores inspire my palette. The colours of each day, each sunrise and sunset is special with surreal golden light many times."

The centralised iconic image of a beautiful woman in Aadhi's works metaphorically stands in for the creative inspiration. She is a divine presence who masquerades as several characters. Aadhi looks at the Goan society and the spectacular scenes he sees around him, find their critical representations in the various guises of this iconic young woman in his works.

Aadhi uses local Goan forms and materials in a contemporary manner and studies extensively on that, saying, "Goa is abundant in flora and fauna. For example fish and rice is the staple food of Goa. The fish is a beautiful form signifying female fertility and abundance as well."

Many of Aadhi's paintings embody and celebrate the important role of a woman in society. "I respect the woman no matter where she is from and she takes a role of a goddess where different birds and animals of Goa surround, protect and revere her," he reasons, adding, "Creation has started from her and ends with her. Hence the flora, fauna and wildlife of Goa are all around this woman form where the rich, vibrant colours of Goa play intuitively to produce a tapestry in rhythmic harmony which reflects the moods of Goa."

The Other Universe a solo exhibition by Vishal will be on display at Carpe Diem, Majorda until Nov 21.