Timeless Ties - A Mother's Memoir- Solo Exhibition by Jyoti Mehta

Event Name: "Timeless Ties - A Mother's Memoir" a solo exhibition by Jyoti Mehta

Date: 10th Feb -3rd Mar'2024

Time: 10am - 7pm| Wed - Sun

Venue: Carpe Diem Art Centre - Majorda

Jyoti Mehta’s creative prowess in art has been driven by her passion and honed through informal training and a strong desire to learn from contemporaries and teachers in this field. Using acrylics as a medium, she transforms her canvases into a vibrant language that beautifully articulates her thoughts, memories, and emotions, imbued with a sense of spiritual essence.

"Timeless Ties: A Mother’s Memoir" is a deeply personal exploration of this Goa based artist’s relationship with her daughter. Through her series of paintings, she embarks on a journey through the intimate moments she shares with her beloved child. Each canvas becomes a narrative in itself, capturing the essence of nostalgic memories that resonate universally.

The exhibition encapsulates the spectrum of emotions that accompany motherhood – from the sheer joy found in everyday moments to the profound bond created through shared experiences. Jyoti Mehta skillfully immortalizes these instances on canvas, inviting viewers to relive their own memories and connect with the themes of love, joy and familial bonds.

The exhibition will remain on display and sale from 10th Feb to 3rd March 2024, Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 7pm at Carpe Diem Art Gallery, Majorda - South Goa.

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